Specialty Shingles by TAMKO: MetalWorks Steel Shingles

MetalWorks Steel Shingles are beautiful strong, and energy star rated. The roofing shingles are among the most popular speciality shingles by TAMKO and are constructed with G-90 steel, with a special coating process that resists dirt and environmental aging. MetalWorks roofing shingles come with a 50 year limited warranty and are manufactured with 37% to 89% recycled content and 100% recyclable. The four way locking system allows for enhanced performance. Tamko even offers a custom color matching. MetalWorks shingles are lightweight compared to traditional roofing products.

Tamko offers these shingles in three styles. StoneCrest Slate gives your homes roof covering a dramatic look that closely resembles the random appearance of natural slate. StoneCrest Tile is designed to be a cool roof product that reflects the suns solar rays. Their third design AshtonWood gives your home’s exterior a real wood look with an energy star rating.

Take a look at these incredible Specialty Shingles by TAMKO options.

MetalWorks StoneCrest Slate Shingles


MetalWorks StoneCrest Tile Shingles


MetalWorks AstonWood Tile Shingles